Brüdermaim History

At the end of the Second World War, Germany was badly hit, divided, but above all, it was deprived of essential services, especially of an indispensable one, water.

While the streets were littered with rubble, debris and parts of buildings, cars, weapons and tanks. Entire families improvised any kind of container to carry water to their homes in order to survive. Its main source was
theriver Spree, which in Berlin meanders through the city and where small branches are born and reach different districts and neighborhoods. One of these families was the Maim.

Rudd Maim, the eldest, had followed the tradition of his father and
together with him he was trained in the blacksmith's trade, he was a master of metals. Unlike his father, Rudd had been able to perfect his technique with engineering and design studies. Ruth Maim, the youngest sister, was very restless and curious since she was a child, she wanted to know everything, even the smallest detail of things. Watching her father and brother work with different elements, raw materials, seeing how metals were transformed through processes and exposure to different stimuli and
techniques, led her to turn to the study of chemistry.

While Rudd Maim began to collect scrap metal from the streets, Ruth helped collecting water. It was stored in a tank in their house, not without first going through a rudimentary but effcient process of potabilization and
Filtration that she, as a chemistry expert, had designed. This system, improved with Rudd´s engineering knowledge in order to be able to control the flow and pressure, ended in a storage tank that through pipes and
faucets,built by him, distributed water throughout their house.

Neighbors, friends, all needed to rebuild life and everyone needed the help of the Maim Brothers who did not hesitate and created Brüdermaim to cooperate with all those who needed it.

It should be noted that the training and expertise of Brüdermaim was strengthened in the post-war years. Working without resources forced them to be especially ecient by manufacturing products with the best
standards and accessible to all those who needed them.

The big break, the fruit of hard work, knowledge, design and reliability, came Brüdermaim: The American reconstruction committee summoned them to work in the emerging and thriving free world. This time with
resources, with technology, with new raw materials, with excellent quality.
Since then Brüdermaim became a reference, the company in which they developed the best and most effcient faucet and plumbing solutions, becoming also a house of knowledge and craftsmanship that gave birth to the specialty of German water management culture.

A little more than half a century later, water is still an indisputable necessity for people and their households. While 70 years ago Brüdermaim was part of a process of rebuilding life and society, thanks to the United States, today 70 years later, while we live another process of rebuilding homes, from a very diffcult pandemic, which brought new challenges and customs, again Brüdermaim has the same objective of collaborating and being part of this process with its products, which have the highest standards of quality, effciency and reliability, within the reach of any consumer.

Re Building Life